DIY: Drift Wood for Succulents to Decorate the Garden

Add rustic charm to your outdoor table with this succulent DIY centerpiece.

Here's an original idea to decorate your outdoor space! We already know that you probably don't think about preparing your garden now but as you can see in the photos this decorative element is suitable for interiors as well.

We're going to share a centerpiece you can do to decorate your outdoor table.

drift wood for succulents

As you can see the combination of worn wood along with several plants in shades of blue and green, as well as purple looks great. If you like those projects that end up costing very little then this idea is for you.

Succulents require a minimum of water, making them a good plant for this type of application. If you are assembling your own succulent trunk and centerpieces for an outdoor party or wedding, they can be done in advance. Plus, you don't have to worry about them wilt or dry on a hot, sunny day.

What you need for this project

succulents in drift wood
  • Trunk (degraded or rustic with flat background)
  • Succulents (a variety in different sizes, including sedum)
  • Moss
  • Soil for succulents or cacti
  • Safety lenses
  • Electric drill (with size adjustments based on the diameter of the plants you've chosen)
  • Small old brush (optional)
  • Spray bottle with water
drift wood succulents

Start by marking with chalk where you want to drill holes in the wood. Let your plants be the guide. I left room for succulents to grow during the summer, but you may want them to be closer if your centerpiece is for an upcoming party or wedding.

succulent drift wood

Using the drill with the shovel bit attached (using safety goggles, of course), drill holes about one and a half centimeters deep.

Once you're done, tilt the wood to remove the debris and fill each hole with a little moss, followed by some soil.

drift wood succulents

Cover the roots with a little extra soil, if necessary, taking care not to bury the plants. Gently press into place.

For this project, smaller succulents were combined with those that crawl in most holes. Only one larger plant is used. Grouping in 3 works well. Play with an arrangement you're satisfied with. It's easy to move them until you look the right way.

succulents in drift wood

Brush excess dirt (with an old brush works well). Use the spray bottle to gently water the soil and spray the plants.

drift wood for succulents

Place outdoors in a bright and sunny place, away from the extreme elements.

drift wood succulent ideas

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