Dresser with an Edge

Simple pieces of furniture can be transformed into stylish living accessories in just a few simple steps and with an individual coat of paint.

Dresser with an Edge 1

This project shows how an inconspicuous wooden chest of drawers can quickly and easily be given a unique touch.

What You Need

Here we give tips on how to paint or restore a dresser.

1. Draw the pattern on the dresser

Dresser with an Edge 2

To get a zigzag pattern, the baselines must first be drawn thinly on the dresser. To do this, set the cross line laser to 45 degrees and point it at the piece of furniture.

With the help of a ruler and by repeatedly adjusting the laser, the lines can be marked on the first drawer at a distance of 10 cm.

For the opposing strips of the next drawer, incline the cross line laser at a 45-degree angle in the other direction and repeat the steps.

2. Mask off the zigzag

Dresser with an Edge 3

Mask the pencil markings with adhesive tape – use a special adhesive tape for paints here. This is particularly thin and enables straight zigzag stripes and prevents the color from running later.

Attention: Always attach the adhesive tape on the side of the marking that is not to be painted later.

3. Design the pattern in color

Dresser with an Edge 4

Now use the paint: with the help of a narrow paint roller, paint the open spaces with black acrylic paint.

After the paint has dried, carefully remove the tape. The dresser with an edge is finished.

Dresser with an Edge 1
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