DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp

I have a really great new project that I really want to show you today. Once again I have a chance to build a new lamp.

DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp 1

In my latest lamp project, I wrapped a lampshade with macrame cords.

DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp 2

Material for the wrapped hanging lamp

  • Metal cage lamp shade (like this one)
  • 3 meters of pendant light cord with socket (like this one)
  • Beige & Yellow macrame cords (like this one)
  • Scissors
  • LED bulb (many choices here)
  • Hooks for hanging on the ceiling / wall (comes with the pendant light cord above)

To connect:

  • screwdriver
  • pincers
  • possibly wire strippers
DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp 3

DIY wrapped lamp: here’s how

I chose a macrame cord that you can also find in the craft store next to the macrame material. It is important that it is nice and round and a little thicker and does not fluff like wool, for example. So the result looks nice and tidy. Remember that a very thin cord will take much longer to wrap than a thicker one.

DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp 4

Tie the cord to the top of one of the vertical rods of the lampshade. Now wrap the rope all around the lampshade and put a loop around each pole.

Work your way through from top to bottom.

DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp 5

Since the entire ball is too big and bulky to squeeze completely through the tight wire rods, I cut it into pieces and wound it into individual balls.

When the first ball is over, you just knot another piece to it and continue winding. It is best to cut the piece off so that the knot can be hidden behind a rod. If you have to put several knots, make sure that all knots are on the same side afterwards. So you can simply turn this side towards the wall afterwards.

When you are done with the first color of the cord, simply knot the end at the bottom.
Then you continue to wind the lower piece of the lampshade with the yellow cord. Knot this cord at the end as well, push the knot to the inside and cut it off.

Now the cable can be connected to the plug and the socket. Leave the connection of the lamp to a qualified electrician so that you do not take any unnecessary risks and your lamp meets the safety standard. Optionally, you can also have a switch connected to the cable.

Now screw the socket into the lampshade and screw the LED bulb into it. Hang the lamp on a hook on the ceiling or wall.

DIY Wrapped Geometric Hanging Lamp 6

How do you like it?

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