DIY: Succulents in a Bowl

You can do a lot of fun things with bowls. Inside, but of course also outside. These beautiful objects, from large to small, bring your interior and garden to life! A bowl of different materials and structures is completely contemporary. A bowl with a mix of succulents, a mini glass pond with floating flowers: you can come up with anything. We are happy to help you on your way and show you what you can do with bowls.

DIY succulents in a bowl

You don't need much space for a green eye-catcher . With a bowl full of different plants you can make the most beautiful combinations and bring your home to life. This little happiness fits everywhere. A real happiness in winter!

What do you need?

succulents DIY
  • Medium-sized bowl
  • Plastic bag and scissors
  • 1 bag of expanded clay
  • Cactus potting soil
  • Play sand
  • Glass stones
  • 1 Wood block (fireplace)
  • Tillandsia (this is an air plant)
  • 5 Mini succulents of your choice
  • 2 Mini cacti of your choice

Step-by-step Instructions

First you take the bowl. Put a plastic bag in here, and pour in expanded clay (about 1/3 of the bowl).

bowl succulents
succulents bowl DIY

Fill the rest of the bowl with the cactus potting soil. Next, stick the large log into the ground, just a little bit away from the center.

succulent bowl DIY

Get cactus soil here:

how to make succulent bowl

Remove the succulents from the plastic pots and put them in the ground. Just press firmly: make sure the plants are well in the soil. Look carefully where you place what, everything must be connected.

Get succulents here:

succulent bowl ideas

Take the lying log into account. This one must have the space. Place it on the chosen spot. Press it a little longer so that it is firmly in the sand.

Cut off the protruding piece of plastic. Cut along the edge of the bowl, folding the remaining inch of plastic inward.

succulent arrangement ideas

Cover the plastic and cactus soil with a combination of sand and glass stones. Avoid seeing the plastic and potting soil.

succulent arrangemet
succulent container garden

Is there sand on your plants? Brush it off carefully with a brush, for example.

Finally, add the Tillandsia for the finishing touch.

container garden ideas